JSFoo Day 1

Posted on Friday, 20 Sep 2013.

Biked 20 kms to the venue. with @phoenixwizard.

Robert Nyman talks about Firefox OS, Open web apps.

  1. Guitar hero on Linux. Kidding me?
  2. Dang! Internet is bad. Not sure if I can do it.
  3. Mozilla Battery API can tell you the levelchange, chargingchange, timetocharge et all. Phew!
  4. Frack. Lock the orientation using Javascript API.
  5. Vibration API. Use it for whatever purpose you find useful ;) navigator.vibrate(5000)
  6. visibilitychange event => is the app under focus?
  7. Firefox OS previledge apps do not suffer CORS. Wow!
  8. Firefox Marketplace turns out to be exactly like Android's. Put the app up on official marketplace or sell it via your website.

<3 Firefox API's. Now that speaks about the future.

@NetRoY talks about FrontEnd Devops

  1. Wifi disappoints. Back to tethering. Which Disappoints as well. Bored.

  2. Use jshint git prehook to lint before anyone can commit

  3. To sync across mutiple servers, upload to master server and let all others rsync the changes.

  4. twitter's Murder/bittorent
  5. upload to a S3 bucket and trigger a s3cmd sync on all machines.